Happy Place Festival is an event that takes a lot of support from the community. This is your time to shine! This is also a great opportunity to meet people in our community. There will be various aspects to the festival where your help will be needed. Here is a basic but not complete list of the help we may need: info booth, merchandise booth, parking lot, stocking duties, delivery, breaker, food (for staff), Etc. Thank you again for wanting to be a part of our family.

Work Exchange at Happy Place is a responsibility. To hold people accountable, we will require a credit or debit card number to be held on file. If you do not show up or complete your scheduled shift, your card will be charged the gate price for that day. There are many complications that can arise in event production. We are seeking people that can handle tasks with a high level alertness. With that said, it is a lot of fun!!!


Thursday – We will need help on Thursday to help build up the festival. This will be an 8-hour shift. Volunteer Thursday and until gates open Friday to receive both days free.

Friday & Saturday Shifts – We will have one afternoon shift and one-night shift on Friday and Saturday of the festival. Shifts will last approximately 5 hour and 30 minutes. Those with an afternoon shift will be able to enjoy the rest of the festival upon completion of their shift. Those with a night shift will enjoy the other day of their choosing. The night shifts are expected to report to the work exchange coordinator at their assigned times or will have their credit or debit card charged the admission price of that day.